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The Experience

Welcome to Seal Snorkelling Adventures


We provide an unforgettable experience swimming with the amazing wild seals that surround our beautiful islands. We offer trips out to our eastern islands where we give you the chance to swim with Atlantic grey seals as well as having a possible close encounter. We run two trips a day which include wetsuit hire, snorkel and mask hire, boat trip, and an hours snorkelling in our lovely blue waters with the seals followed by a nice warm drink and a snack once you have finished in the water. 

The Experience

Snorkelling with seals. Watching wild seals swimming effortlessly in their natural environment is a fabulous experience. As they are wild animals they are in control of the whole experience and sometimes coming up very close and playing with your fin.

There is no snorkelling experience needed for the 2.5 hour trips but we do ask you to be comfortable swimming in open water. We have local diving instructors that will brief you and guide you in to the correct areas and will be able to assist in any way possible.


All of our trips are done in the Atlantic ocean so please be aware of the cold waters. As we know some people feel the cold so our prices include thick winter wetsuits to keep everyone warm and buoyant. 

The minimum age for snorkelling is 12 years. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

We do reserve the right to cancel any trips should the sea or weather conditions make it unsuitable for snorkelling. 


Our main tips for swimming with seals:

  • Stay calm and quiet

  • Do not chase after the seals.

  • Do not get too close or disturb the seals hauled out on rocks


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Where we head

From our base on St Martin's we take a short 5 minute rib ride out to the Eastern Isles passing Ganilly Sand Bar which is exposed at low tide.


Times & Pricing

We are currently running two Seal Snorkelling Trips per day 7 days a week. April - September

The morning session starts at 9.15am and the afternoon session at 12.45pm. We require you to be at our base on St Martins for the session start time to get you ready and briefed for your seal snorkelling adventure.


£65 per person. Group Bookings of 4 or more £60 per person.

10 Spaces Available per session. (Prices include VAT)

EXTRA Trips are available Fridays & Saturdays.
3.45pm - 5.45pm (return to your island available)

Getting to us for a session


The first trip will start at 9:15.

For our morning Snorkelling sessions we also offer pick ups using our Black Rib for £15 per person from St Mary's which includes a single return on one of the St Mary's Boatmen's Association tripper boats or a way one way from Tresco for £8.

These are 8:45am - everyday from St Mary’s and at 9.00am from Tresco (Old Grimbsy Quay)  on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

For getting to us to our afternoon sessions please contact St Mary's Boatmen's Association and they can let you know tripper boat times. Click here for their information. 

To get back to the island you are staying on after your trip please use Tresco Boat Services or St Mary’s Boatman’s Association.

If you would like to book please call 07340 055748 or email
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Where to find us

We are located on the island of St Martin’s on the isles of Scilly. You can find us opposite higher town quay on St Martin’s in our shed. 

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